HOW to turn the bedtime routine from "THE EXORCIST" to "alice in wonderland"

“Mom, I can’t possibly go to bed because it’s still bright”.
I will turn off the lights.
“But the sun does not have a switch"!

We have all thought of Velcro pajamas and sewing a pad to the sheets...If interested in an investment opportunity I am working on a patent... Perhaps none of us would admit that out loud but after the tenth cup of water, fifth trip to the potty and third inspection for monsters in the closet...even the most kept together of all parents are thinking about burning the parenting books and crossing over to the dark side.




Bath time is supposed to be mellow. You know, to bring the evening down a notch. Candles, wine, soft music...ahhh....Oh wait, maybe that will come later...The kids version of BATH time is a whole lot different: Soap in the hair and bubbles for special effects, dinosaurs riding on submarine rocket ships to outer space. Now, add a flood of biblical proportions to bring the scene to life! (Ever have a 4yr old laugh as you skate and crash on a bathroom floor?) If only this creative scene ended with the protagonist exhausted and out cold once their head hit the pillow. Instead, he's running down the hall naked, wearing his towel like a superhero cape out to save the innocent children of the world from the confines of bedtime.

Just moments after false hope that “tonight is the night when my kid goes to bed” the little mischief starts with negotiations that puts half of our politicians to shame:

  • "Will you sing me a song? No, when I'm in my bed. Not that song. Not that one either. You didn't sing the whole song"  
  • "Tonight I AM going to read the bedtime story. Hmm...which one will I choose? Not this one...not this one...(Tic-Toc...) Ok! I found it! No, wait, not that one..." 
  • "I can't go to sleep yet. The dog wants me to play."
  • "But, what if Santa comes and I miss him" It's March "You never know. He's very busy"
  • "My sock hurts and there is a wrinkle in my pillow"

BUT THEN...Like a superhero from the shadows, a bedtime story swoops in to save the night! We curl up in bed and read. Adventures, poems, stories of little engines that could, hungry caterpillars and little boys who ride dragons. Bedtime stories are scientifically proven to make our children smarter and more creative. We share laughs, snuggles, and cuddles. By the end of the story my little guy is calm and ready for a song and off to sleep.